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Small Scale Capital Raising for Companies

An Alternative Investment Market process

EQUITYCORP PTY LTD as a corporate advisor and facilitator is able to assist companies that wish to raise capital, find equity partners, obtain joint venture capital or adopt an exit strategy.

EQUITYCORP PTY LTD can be utilised for companies start up , concept stage, commercialisation stage, Pre-IPO, IPO and retirement and exit strategy .The assistance in raising capital includes :-

  • Small scale capital raising -Mainly unlisted companies
  • Equity Asset
  • Capital Asset
  • Exit Assist
  • Developing SME's
  • Start-up companies
  • Concept stage companies
  • Pre-IPO
  • Retirement of Debt
  • Purchase of other entities
  • Preparing for trade sale and/or IPOs

Dominic Varrasso as well as a practicing solicitor and accountant is also:-

  • Accredited Sponsor with ASSOB (Australian Small Scale Offerings Board Limited)
  • Member of AVCAL (Australian Private Equity and Venture Capital Association Limited)
  • Member AICD (Australian Institute of Company Directors)

Through CapitalASSIST, we can assist companies whom wish to raise capital in the compliance process and Corporate legislation requirements and provide, if required , due diligence in capital raising, equity investments or part of any exit strategy.

Another component of the EquityCorp Program , EquityASSIST, assists companies to be investor ready. EquityCorp recognises that the process to be investor ready, in order to attract equity, is not an easy one and aims to minimize the uncertainty and risks involved.

EquityCorp not only assists with raising capital but as part of its program has an ExitAssist solution which may assist companies and shareholders in exit strategies by way of IPO, trade sale, management buyout, mergers or acquisitions.

Whatever stage of capital raising your company is at Equitycorp can assist. From seed capital to IPO we can support you in navigate your way through the complicated process with our DueDiligenceASSIST program

The EquityCorp programs such as CapitalAssist and EquityAssist offer an alternative solution to problems faced by companies in the current economic climate of uncertain international capital markets, of restricted credit, high interest rates and limited venture capital for small scale offerings EquityCorp can provide you with the tools to strengthen your company’s balance sheet and real alternatives to borrowing in the present economic market conditions.

Venture capital is a means to strengthen your company’s balance sheet and form alliances which may enhance the company’s business model market conditions.

The EquityCorp Program AimASSIST acts an Alternative Investment Market (AIM) process to raising capital at various stages of the company’s development.

EquityCorp understands that any startup enterprise will have many continuing constraints and difficulties. The capital raising process is one of the constraint and difficulty faced by startups.

At EquityCorp through our programs we may be able to assist your company in the process of raising capital. These programs are;-

  • CapitalASSIST
  • EquityASSIST
  • ExitASSIST
  • InvestorASSIST
  • FinanceASSIST
  • DueDiligenceASSIST

All enquiries should be made direct to Dominic A Varrasso at EquityCorp Pty Ltd:

  • Suite 405, Level 4,
  • 488 Bourke Street
  • Melbourne VIC 3000

  • Telephone: (03) 9642 4255
  • Mobile: 0410 410 356
  • Fax: (03) 9670 4474
  • Email: